For my entire career

For my entire career I have had the honor and privilege to serve the people of our Nation and our State.  I have written wills for service members on their deathbeds in military hospitals.  I have protected military families from predatory lenders.  I have prosecuted criminals and defended the rights of the wrongly accused.  Upon returning home after my military retirement, I was privileged to represent the people of Florida in state and federal court.  Now, since April of 2018, I have had the humble privilege to serve the citizens of Florida’s Second Judicial Circuit as a judge in the Family and Felony Divisions.  I believe these experiences have made me uniquely qualified to continue to be an effective and trusted circuit judge.  Your support is greatly appreciated.

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  1. Judge Marsh has a very unique set of talents by holding a law degree and a license to practice law in the State of Florida and holds a Mechanical Engineering degree from working aboard nuclear submarines while on active duty for the US Navy. I doubt very few, if any other judge in the District has this diverse training and experience. The people of the 2nd District can’t afford not to Keep Judge Marsh as our Circuit Judge!

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